Diwali safety

Right now the festival of Diwali is in full force and we are loving it.

But are the smoke from the crackers giving you and your little ones a hard time?? Here are a bunch of items that should be on your priority purchase list, before you head out to burst those crackers.

  1.  PM 2.5 anti – pollution face masks
    We have tried most of the masks in the market – the best ones are from 3M which are NIOSH certified and come with expiration valve, that ensure every breath you take is safe and free from 95% of pollutants and 2.5 PM matter. You can get them on AMAZON and FLIPKART and with the latest sales, they are much cheaper than before.

  2. Protective eye wear

That’s all for today folks. Have a happy and Safe Diwali !!!



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